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The federal government is trying to force states to turn your drivers license into a national ID. Unless you tell your state legislator to push back, the Real ID Act will create grave dangers to privacy and impose massive financial burdens without improving national security in the least.

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When in the course of progressive paradigms, it becomes advisable (after due regard to the legitimate hopes and aspirations of dissenters) for one heterogeneous society to demonstrate a right to non-agreement with a separate legislative entity, and to seek positive

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recognizance as a synonymous body politic, appropriately substantiated by the Supreme Deity/Deities/Objects of Worship (depending upon each individual's similarly valued religious beliefs)  a non-opinionated cultural tolerance to the temporary inconclusary mental acceptances of personhood offensively pre-assumes that they may at their considered discretion democratically communicate the exceptional occurrences which spacially inconvenience them to the non-combination.

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Jail threat for fake passport woman
Nina Raymont took out a passport in a false name in 1982 and then used the fake ID to fraudulently claim benefits.

We wish to propose these ambiverities to be popularly acceptable, that all ambigenic persons are biologically introduced non-discriminatorily, that they are similarly centrically provided by humankind with certain retained assumptions, that among these are biological viability, optional opportunity and the voluntary acceptance of individually favorable sensory fulfillment.no2id_

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Circumstances in these culturally imperialistic regions have been less than perfect and the need for constitutional change is now paramount. The his/herstory of the phallogeneric reigndom of Britain is a database of alleged proprietorial imperfections calculated to contribute towards a lack of regional social viability. To confirm the non-contradictory nature of this hypothesis, present the case for popular critical analysis.